at Residential Enrichment

With 414 million “hispanohablantes” around the globe, Spanish is the world’s second most popular language.

If English is your first language, then speaking Spanish would give you the opportunity to speak to 750 million people. As a result, you become not only a better citizen of the world, you become a more valuable asset in today’s competitive professional marketplace. This summer is a great time to take your first step towards becoming bilingual. At JKCP, we have found that the best thing you can do to become fluent in another language is to speak, speak, speak. As a result, we will get you speaking straight away with native staff and students. Through these conversations, you will learn basic grammar and verb conjugations, expand your Spanish vocabulary and gain the confidence necessary to speak and listen fluently. You will even leave with a customized plan to continue your learning at home. So, join us this summer and ¡Aprenda con nosotros!