Video Game Revolution

at Residential Enrichment

Hands-on guide to game development.

Video games have made the transition from a casual hobby to an online community of 700 million. Combining painting, writing, sculpting, music, storytelling and cinematography, modern video games are more art than hobby. In other words, we have come a long way from Pong. In this course our instructor will give you a hands-on guide to game development. Over the course of more than 65 years, games have changed quite a bit. Not only will you study the history of these developments, we will give you the chance to play the games that define every step of the industry's progress. In doing so, you will play on unique consoles and games from all over the world, delve into the technology that distinguishes one gaming system from another and safely discover how the world interacts through online and open-source gaming. If you are passionate about gaming and curious about how your favorite games have progressed throughout the years, then you need to “start” your summer off right by “selecting” this course.