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High School / Pre-College

Enrichment: Rock ’n’ Roll Major

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We are seeking musicians with strong ideas about what they want to accomplish. The Rock ’n’ Roll Track lets you pursue your musical vision. You’ll have the opportunity to grow as a solo artist, through group performance, while recording a professionally produced CD.

The Rock ’n’ Roll Track develops musicians’ performance, composition, ensemble playing and recording skills. Each year we partner with Summer Music Programs, a music instruction organization specializing in young adults, to create an a challenging, fun, professional environment where aspiring musicians can play and work.

Musicians Wanted!

You are invited to be part of our inclusive musical community, where you will experience and play many styles. We encourage experimentation, creativity, improvisation, dedication and — most of all — enjoyment. Our instructors are full-time musicians and teachers. Their experience as educators, performers and band leaders ensures you’ll receive practical instruction in the skills musicians must have to succeed.

Our program emphasizes ensemble playing. Each week you’ll play in a different band working on rhythm accompaniment, leads, harmony and improvisation. Your group will begin the week practicing new material. On Thursdays you’ll record at a studio, and on Fridays you’ll perform for your peers.

Professional Recordings of Your Performances

We’ll also go to a professional studio to record the material you’ve been working on. You’ll get to hear your work professionally produced. And you’ll learn how multitracking and overdubbing are used to achieve a richer sound and improve the quality of your final recording. Best of all, you’ll direct the mix according to your concept of the song to create the soundscape you imagined.

Finally, you’ll design your CD package, art direct the graphics, choose the band photos and format the lyric sheets.