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Robotics is one of the technological touchstones of the future. Those that know it and understand it will be well-positioned to lead innovation in global society.

Master roboteers leverage the physics of the world around us to create robots that solve human problems.

Guided by experts, you’ll utilize cutting-edge robotics technology to design and build your robot. Once complete, you will use unique programming language to manipulate the gears, motors and sensors on your creation, “training” it to complete the assigned tasks. This course challenges you to resolve issues using finite sets of resources and leaves you with the ability to come up with creative solutions for all of life’s problems.

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“Jillian has been absolutely thrilled at your camp. I am so happy that she seems to feel independent yet supported. I love to hear about her day and she tells me how excited she is to go to camp each day. What a home run for us. Thank you JKCP for a great experience and I am sure you will see more of Jillian.”

– Kirsten., Parent

What You Will Learn

  • Explore the topic of engineering design
  • Apply the engineering design process to address specific issues

  • Construct a device using math and physics
  • Learn programing language to manipulate gears, motors and sensors

How Robotics Can Prepare You For a Career in Engineering

Robots are fun – pure and simple. Playing with them can be a blast, but we think designing and building something takes the cake. If robotics is one of your hobbies, you are probably aware of the patience required, the sense of pride and satisfaction when things are going well, the frustration when they aren’t and the fact that you love it enough to keep coming back for more.

What you may not be as acutely aware of as you are designing, building and troubleshooting your robots is how many great skills you are picking up and learning along the way. Many of these are squarely inside of the STEM field, where jobs are in demand from some of the fastest growing industries.

The good news is that the engineering skills you learn building and designing robots will be applicable across so many other industries and can help set you up for a career in engineering, even if you decide that pursuing robotics isn’t for you.

What type of engineering is commonly required in robotics?

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