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Cooking, Filmmaking, Studio Art

The ability to capture a still image in time is still relatively new to the human experience.

The ability to do it well, to profoundly communicate what we see, is both a science and an art.

Our instructors will carefully cover everything from camera functions and theory to practical topics like permission and printing. Discover your own personal style through focus on framing a dynamic image, critiquing a body of work and using photography to communicate socially, culturally and globally. This course will lead you to visual breakthroughs that leave lasting impressions on you and your work. All skill levels will thrive in this course, so whether you’re an amateur or a pro photographer in the making, let us help you develop exceptional photography skills through this memorable course. Bring your own camera or use one of ours. 

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“Rafael had a wonderful experience at JKCP. He learned a lot during his three weeks and has left your program with new experiences and friends!”

– Roberto S., Parent

What You Will Learn

  • An introduction to camera functions

  • Your own unique photography style

  • Postproduction and editing process
  • Photography as a form of communication

How to Improve Your Photography Skills This Summer

In the days of Smartphones, Instagram and filters it sometimes feels like we are all professional photographers. While this day-to-day documentation of our lives is important and the average person already has a lot of experience taking pictures, there is always another level and a way to improve.

Photography can be an incredibly fun hobby as well as a challenging yet rewarding career choice. Although we all spend a lot of time taking pictures, there is so much to learn about how to take, edit and distribute those photographs. High School is a great time to start learning some of the more advanced techniques that can enable you to take some incredible images.

Pro-tip: Understanding these advance techniques can also help you better utilize the funtionality in your smartphone camera;

  • Depth of field control
  • Lock focus with AE/AF
  • Adjust the ISO for better, grain-free, low light pics
  • Control the shutter speed

While you can certainly take good pictures without some of this knowledge, getting these things down will give you greater consistency, range and a higher ‘ceiling’ for your pictures. Click here to read more

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