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No matter your skill level or experience, this course sharpens every aspect of your soccer game.

Train with pro players this summer during your time at JKCP soccer camp.

Our Olympic-level coaches blend individual and team-based soccer training to maximize long-term progress. Focusing on both tactical and technical development, they aim to create well-rounded players with the skills to compete for spots on elite teams domestically and abroad. Alongside players from all over the world, you will improve your on-field vision, decision-making, composure, scoring and finishing. Our trainers include both professional players and international coaches who combine Argentinian and Brazilian tactics and techniques, arming you with skills that are sure to get you noticed on the field.

Please note that this course will be held off-campus. You’ll ride in a JKCP shuttle with a professional driver to and from campus each day.

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What You Will Learn

  • Train with pro players

  • Sharpen every aspect of your game

  • Develop your tactical and technical game

  • Play with players from all over the world

  • Learn Argentinian and Brazilian tactics and techniques

Tips for Creating a Great College Recruiting Video for Soccer

There always seems to be a raging debate as to what a recruitment video needs to include and if college soccer coaches will even take the time to watch it. If you are fortunate enough to have a coach come watch you play or see you at a soccer camp, your video is a supplement to add to your resume and remind them of who you are.

If this video is the first time they are seeing you play soccer, however, it is an even bigger part of your recruitment resume. Soccer coaches who are recruiting athletes are bombarded from every possible angle and each coach has their own unique approach. Your focus should be on the components of the process that you can control and your recruitment video is certainly one of those aspects.

1. Your college soccer video needs tell your story well. Let’s begin with the obvious, do your homework on the University or College and understand the teams’ unique personality. It will be important to show that you understand this and present your video in a way that is consistent with the team’s culture. It is critical that you map out what you want to show, what story you plan to tell and how you plan to go about doing that.

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