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Golf, Soccer, Fitness

This is tennis camp reimagined, individualized and focused on you and your specific goals!

We’ve trained thousands of tennis players, and we know that each player has unique needs, interests and strengths.

We rethought what it meant to come to a summer tennis camp and created programming designed just for you. Whether you’re new to the sport, or gearing up for tournament play, we’ll give you the best coaches, the best experience and the best results. 

If you’re stuck in a changeless routine of doing drills and playing matches – it’s time to step up and try a modern approach. After 40+ years, it’s clear that Julian Krinsky knows tennis. Now you can experience our tried and true system with personalized instruction. Join us to bring out the best possible player in you and see the difference JKST will make in your game!  

Please note that this course will be held off-campus. You’ll ride in a JKCP shuttle with a professional driver to and from campus each day.

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What You Will Learn

  • Proper technique
  • Single and double tactics
  • Mental toughness
  • Tennis-specific fitness
  • Match play analysis

How to Land an Athletic Scholarship

If you’re a high school student-athlete looking to take your game to the next level, you should be doing everything you can to earn an athletic scholarship from a top college or university.

In this article, we are going to take you through the types of athletic scholarships as well as explain how to get recruited by college programs, and ultimately, how to land one of those scholarships in your sport.

Types of Athletic Scholarships

Basically, there are two types of athletic scholarships: “head count” and “equivalency” scholarships.

Head count scholarships are awarded in the following sports: basketball (Division 1 men’s and women’s), football (Division 1, gymnastics (Division 1 women only), tennis (Division 1 women only), and volleyball (Division 1 women only). These scholarships are typically full scholarships, which means the school pays the full amount of your education.

With equivalency scholarships, programs are given a certain amount of scholarship funds, and divide these funds among the athletes.

The following sports qualify for equivalency scholarships: all Division 1 sports except those that qualify for head count scholarships, all NCAA Division 2 sports, all NAIA sports, and all junior colleges. The amount of the scholarship funds available can vary depending on the program and school.

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