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Learn Golf the Julian Krinsky Way

The Julian Krinsky School of Golf offers world-class professional golf instruction and coaching. Whether you’re just starting or want to seriously improve your level of play, the proven Julian Krinsky method can help you compete and win while enjoying the great game of golf.

Individualized Golf Instruction — One golf professional per group of golf students matched by ability and age.

Intensive Golf Training — Fundamentals and swing mechanics every morning; individualized small-group instruction on the golf course every afternoon.

Real Competition — Groups play 9 to 15 holes on a different course every day and an 18-hole golf tournament on Fridays.

Builds on Strengths — Improves and enhances your existing game rather than simply changing it.

A Program for Winning — Integrates golf fundamentals, practice, course management and mental toughness.

Play Some Great Golf Courses!

You’ll be challenged by interesting courses with a variety of layouts and terrain. Depending on which golf camp you choose, these are some of the golf courses you’ll play in suburban Philadelphia:

  • Pine Crest Golf Club
  • Five Ponds Golf Club
  • Skippack Golf Club
  • Jeffersonville Golf Club
  • Westover Golf Club
  • Spring Hollow Golf Course
  • Mccall Country Club
  • Linfield National Golf Club
  • Mainland Golf Club
  • Woodies Executive Club
  • Kimberton Golf Club
  • Center Square Golf Club
  • Worcester Golf Club
  • Downingtown Golf Club
  • Turtle Creek Golf Club
  • Raven’s Claw Golf Club
  • Paxon Hollow Golf Club