“My daughter is having so much fun, you’ll have a hard time putting her on her return flight to Italy! You’re doing a great job with our children so you deserve a Bravissimo!”

Maria Laura B., Parent

“My son, Jake is a first-time camper at JKCP. While this is his sixth summer being away at camp, it is the ONLY time he has expressed how much he loved his camp experience.”

Jenny A., Parent

“I loved my time spent at JKCP. I was able to connect with different people from around the world and grow my confidence while learning.”

Janis F., Student


Our JKCP Summer Home for Over 40 Years

Just a few miles from Philadelphia, it’s a beautiful self-contained suburban campus filled with gardens, open lawns, a 2.25-mile nature trail and always a favorite — the duck pond. With dorms, the dining hall and other facilities close together, Haverford is the perfect location for our middle school students.

It is a picturesque, safe, suburban campus just a short walk to the town of Haverford. You will enjoy walking in small groups with a counselor to Baskin-Robbins, Chipotle or Wawa (a Philadelphia favorite). You’ll love the facilities, classrooms, WiFi and state-of-the-art athletic spaces.

Campus features include: air-conditioned dorms, computer lab, athletic fields, tennis courts, running track, bookstore, dance studio, basketball courts, duck pond and a nature trail.



Students in these programs live in the dorms on campus at Haverford College together. You can choose any combination of these summer programs and not even have to switch dorm rooms! Experience evening activities, weekend trips and dorm life with other students your age.


One of the most memorable parts of JKCP are all the fun evening activities and weekend trips.

Every evening there is a planned event. Sometimes we stay on campus, and other nights we’ll travel to a local venue for an off-campus activity.

On-Campus Activities Include: Casino night, Dance party, Game night, Talent show, Campus Olympics, Outdoor movie and video night, Karaoke and pizza party

Off-Campus Activities Include: Movies or IMAX, Fireworks, Bowling, King of Prussia Mall

Trips are offered every Saturday to regional destinations of your choice. It’s a full day trip that is jam-packed! We leave campus after breakfast on air-conditioned motor coaches and return after dinner that evening. 

2019 Saturday Trip Options:

June 29: New York City or Six Flags
July 6: Washington DC or Ocean City, NJ
July 13: New York City, Paintball, or Ocean City NJ
July 20: Washington DC, Hershey Park, or Ocean City NJ
July 27: New York City or Ocean City, NJ
August 3: Washinton DC, Phillies Game

Start a little later on Sundays. You can sleep in and enjoy a great brunch on campus. Then, pick from a variety of trip options in the Philadelphia region.

2019 Sunday Trip Options:

June 30: Historic Philadelphia or State Park Hiking
July 7: Art Museum/Old City or Princeton University
July 14: Phillies Baseball or University of Pennsylvania
July 21: Outlets Shopping or Historic Philadelphia
July 28: Art Museum/Old City or State Park Hiking
August 4: Phillies Baseball Game



The dorms are the hub of the Krinsky community. You’ll live in an air-conditioned dormitory. Centrally located, it’s a short walk to the dining center and athletic facilities. Most of the rooms are part of a shared suite and complete with beds, desks, chairs and dressers. Each section of the dorm has bathrooms you’ll share with your dorm mates. Plus, spacious lounges in the dorms are a great place to hang out with friends.

Residential Counselors

You’ll also have a team of residential counselors who live in the dorm on the same floor as you. Residential counselors are responsible for helping you make friends, dorm life, entertainment, evening activities and weekend trips.

On-Campus Meals

You’ll eat breakfast and most dinners during the week at the campus dining center. The food on campus is typical of a college cafeteria. You are given the freedom to make your own choices. Salad, fruit, vegetables, sandwich deli bar and different hot entrees accompany each dinner.

Off-Campus Meals

We also understand you might like to eat out, which is why we have built in one evening per week to eat off campus at a restaurant. You will also dine off campus while on your weekend trips. Maybe you want to take the time to sit down with friends at the beach or grab a quick bite on your way to the next site in NYC. Off-campus meals are at your expense.

The food is typical of a college cafeteria, and you are given the freedom to make your own choices. There are always multiple options available for each meal including vegetarian choices. If you have special dietary needs or allergies, please contact us prior to your arrival.

If you don’t feel well, just let your counselor know and we’ll help you get better in no time. Chances are you won’t need it, but we have a nurse on campus and a doctor on-call and we are minutes from the region’s top hospitals. As long as you keep taking any medicine you normally do at home, eat right and get some sleep, you should have nothing to worry about.

Safety on and off campus is always our number one priority. For our middle school programs, we have found that a residential counselor to student ratio of approximately 1:8 is the perfect balance of a little freedom coupled with safe supervision. At this age, we always have counselor supervision. However, on certain trips and with parental and the director’s permission, you may be allowed to travel in small groups of three or more. Either way, you will be required to check-in at regular intervals during any off-campus trips or activities.

JKCP is proactive about your safety:

  • Haverford College is a small and self-contained suburban campus
  • All dorms and most classroom buildings have key card access only
  • 24/7 Haverford campus security
  • Extensive FBI staff background checks
  • Intensive staff and student orientations
  • Staff that is trained to handle situations discreetly, with care and sensitivity
  • Professionally designed crisis management plan
  • Access to the region’s top hospitals within minutes
  • A registered nurse lives in the dorms and a doctor and trainer are always on call


370 W. Lancaster Ave, Haverford, PA 19041

Get Directions

Arrive by plane, train or car. We’ll be there, ready to meet you!



Philadelphia is the fifth largest U.S. city, so there’s plenty going on.

Here are our favorites:

  1. Shopping and Hanging Out. Walk around with friends and your counselor in cool sections of town. Grab a bite. Hit some stores. You’ll love Rittenhouse Square and the UPenn campus area.
  2. Restaurants. Philly is a foodie destination with lots of al fresco dining.
  3. Rocky Steps. You’ve seen it. Now do it. Make your own triumphant dash to the top.
  4. Philly Sports. There’s an exciting vibe all summer in this true sports town.
  5. Campuses in Summertime. Philadelphia colleges have some of the most beautiful campuses in the world. Who knows, maybe you’ll come to college here. Even though it’s a few years away, this is a good time to start exploring.
  6. Museums & Historic Sites. If you’re into it, Philly has truly amazing museums and historic sites.



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