Health Care

Feeling Great While Away From Home

Health and safety are always our number one priority. It's important that we are prepared just in case a student isn't feeling well.

We need to know about each student's medical history, current conditions and all medications they are taking. Every student MUST submit a completed Health Information Form. Completing this form requires a trip to the doctor within one year for the student's arrival date. If we don't have this form, signed by the student's doctor, we cannot allow the student to participate in our programs…no exceptions! We also need a copy of the student's current and valid health or traveler’s insurance information, card or policy.

If students are taking any medications, they should continue taking them just as they would at home. While at the program, please do not alter their medication routine. Students at Penn, Villanova and Yesh will be allowed to keep prescription medications in their rooms and take them as prescribed by their physician and as indicated on their signed health form.  Students at our Xploration, Jr. Tennis and Jr. Golf program will hand their medication into the nurse on arrival day and the nurse will distribute the medication to the students.  Prescription medications that are not listed on the health form will not be allowed on campus. In addition, the amount of medication a student brings to the program must not exceed the proper dosage needed for their stay with us.

A registered nurse, a doctor, pediatric nurse practitioner and trainer are always on call. The costs of minor medical services at the program are borne by JKCP. Other medical costs such as a visit to our doctor’s office, the Minute Clinic, medications or hospital in-patient or outpatient services are the parent’s responsibility. Please protect our relationship with our healthcare provider by providing your health or traveler’s insurance information, providing the required documentation, and paying bills promptly.

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Health Information Form (Penn Medicine Students Do Not Need to Complete This Form)