• High School Golf (Ages 14-17)

    Golf Camp for kids & teens

    With more than 25 golf courses to play on, our Golf Summer Camp is the perfect solution for high school students! Our golf pros understand your skill level and will work to improve every aspect of your golf game.

  • Middle School Golf (Ages 10-13)

    Summer Golf Programs for students

    Perfect your golf game at JKCP's popular Summer Golf Camp for competitive students. Enjoy learning and improving your golf skills on our over 25 golf courses. JKCP also offers felexible schedules that allow you the freedom to play golf and choose from any one of our other exciting summer programs!

  • Junior Golf (Ages 7-9)

    Golf Summer Programs for kids

    Discover pure excitement this summer at our Golf Summer Camp for kids! No matter what your skill level, our highly trained golf pros will help you play golf better and learn important techniques to better your game. You'll even meet new friends and teammates as you play on over 25 courses and compete against other JKCP golf students. The fun starts here!