International Students

Welcome to a World Without Strangers

Each summer airplanes, trains, cars and sometimes helicopters arrive in Philadelphia with teens from around the world — Europe, Asia, South America, the U.S., everywhere.

A few weeks later, those students leave with lifelong friends in all those places. They have experienced a mix of cultures, languages and friendship in our “world without strangers.”

International students return to our programs year after year, because we make them feel at home with our other foreign and American students. In addition, many of our counselors come from overseas.

A global network of friends

The Julian Krinsky worldwide community spans continents, generations and cultures. It includes students, staff and alumni who have shared one or many summers in our programs.

Lasting connections

The connections last. In fact, many students enjoy Philadelphia so much that they eventually choose to return to attend one of the more than 50 colleges and universities in the area. And Julian travels each year, meeting new families and staying in touch with past students, even as they become parents and send their own children.

Long after their summers at Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs, our students continue to treasure the important friendships they made here.