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High School / Pre-College

Internships in Philadelphia: Program Specifics

Career Builders internships are designed to be meaningful work and life experiences. Interns are selected by the mentoring professionals and organizations after a careful review of their complete applications. Interns generally work 9 to 5, Monday through Friday, and receive a $125 weekly stipend.

At work, you’ll get real experience, develop contacts and discover what the job is like on a daily basis. In addition you’ll learn what to do now and in college to prepare for a successful career.

Have another idea for an internship? Let us know and we’ll try to arrange it. Each year we develop new internships based on your ideas. Here are just a few of our many internship providors.


This internship will put you in a busy architectural practice. You’ll discover how a project takes shape, starting with the initial programming based on client needs and budget, and continuing through conceptual renderings, models, engineering and final construction drawings.


Learn about the many intriguing aspects of high finance as you are mentored by a top banking or financial services professional. You might be working in arbitrage, doing research for a bond trader, learning the complex workings of a merger, understanding the implications of currency swaps, or examining an emerging market.

Charitable Enterprises

These internships are with prime movers in education, environmentalism and conservation, civil rights, hunger, poverty, diversity and other social issues. Your internship will let you participate in a larger cause and greater purpose — a worthwhile good deed and distinguished credential on any resumé.

Culinary Arts

This internship will introduce you to the fast-paced world of food service and fine cuisine. You’ll have a chance to learn everything from professional kitchen skills to the basics of restaurant management, including buying for freshness and value, developing a menu, and maintaining consistently high levels of quality and service.


This internship will let you teach, tutor, mentor and make a difference as you work with a charitable society, charter school or service organization running summer programs for Philadelphia school children. You’ll also be learning while you teach, and acquiring firsthand knowledge about the challenges and rewards of a career in the classroom.


The concert hall, TV studio, radio station or theater business office could be your venue for an immersion in the glittering world of entertainment and media. Whether it involves setting up a concert stage, developing an advertising campaign, programming a radio show or filling another production role, this internship will let you go behind the scenes and discover some of the many career opportunities that exist in the communication arts.


From boutique showrooms to major clothing brands, Philadelphia is home to an exciting fashion scene. In this internship you may see how a designer works on a single garment or how entire clothing lines are manufactured and marketed.

Hospitality and Hotel Management

From the quiet discretion of the front desk to the never-say-no capabilities of the concierge, this internship will let you see how first-class hotels strive to satisfy their discriminating clientele and establish essential customer loyalty in a highly competitive industry.


Covering events, writing a story, editing copy, sourcing photos, selling advertising — they’re all part of reporting the great and small stories on a deadline and in competition with other news and entertainment media. Use this internship to see it from the inside and decide if it’s right for you.


The name Philadelphia is synonymous with astute lawyering. So it’s the natural place for you to take the first step in a successful law career. This internship will place you in a busy law firm, where you’ll get to watch and participate in the process of researching, preparing and litigating cases.

Marketing and Advertising

Researching market opportunities. Sourcing products. Building distribution. Creating packaging. Developing advertising campaigns. Buying media. Implementing Web-marketing strategies. Marketing and advertising encompasses all this and more. This internship will let you discover what’s involved in successfully taking a product to market.


Depending on your mentor, you may team with and observe healthcare professionals in a clinical practice, discover the complex inner workings of a teaching hospital, or explore primary care with current practitioners. Take this opportunity to investigate a variety of healthcare topics and career options.

Museums and Art Galleries

Philadelphia is exceptionally rich in museums and galleries devoted to subjects ranging from art and culture to science and medicine. Your internship in one of them may involve setting up a show, preserving a rare folio, researching works of art, cataloging artifacts and treasures, or assisting a curator. You’ll also go to local gallery exhibits to see how it all comes together.

Music and Recording

We’ve got several openings in a state-of-the-art studio. You’ll be involved in the whole recording process, from miking the talent through multitracking, overdubbing and final mixdown. You’ll learn about the latest digital technology and pro tools, while getting experience and making contacts — two essentials for a career in recording.


Research an article, sell advertising, coordinate a photoshoot, check facts against a publication deadline, monitor sales or handle any of the other critical assignments involved in producing a publication. Philadelphia is a center for publishing, and this assignment will give you experience with one of the region’s top publications.

Real Estate

This internship will let you explore the world of buying, selling and developing property. You’ll learn about the intricacies of structuring a deal and making the sale, as well as how competitive and lucrative the field can be.

Retail and Management

From mom and pops to big block stores, retailers all deal with the same issues: Buying. Inventory management. Pricing. Advertising. Creating displays. Directing staff. Making the sale. Customer service and much more.

This internship will put you in the store, on the sales floor or in the buyer’s office to see what it takes to succeed in the competitive field of retailing.

Sports Management

In this internship you might be looking after player needs, working with advertisers, attending the NBA Draft, handling game-day preparations, ticket sales or any of the myriad workings of stadium or team administration. If sports are your passion, then this is the Super Bowl of internships.

Veterinary Medicine

Work with top research specialists on an animal behavior study. Assist in a veterinary clinic. Learn about the nurture and care of rare animals.

If you love animals, then veterinary medicine may be your career path. This internship will let you explore it on a professional level, while discovering some of the opportunities for specialization within the field.