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High School / Pre-College

Penna. Academy of Fine Arts: Program Specifics

Four Weeks. Four Disciplines. Unforgettable Experience!

Drawing — At the Academy, observational drawing skills are the foundation of all artistic endeavors and essential for a strong portfolio. Students will master the drawing elements of line, shape, composition, perspective and value. They will work from challenging still life arrangements, the panoramic views from the Hamilton Building and portrait and life models, and explore a variety of drawing materials. A visit to the Academy vaults to view rarely seen Master drawings supplements the studio activity.

Painting — Students will work directly from the still life and figure with emphasis on articulating forms in paint. They will learn to set up various palettes, mix colors and paint both directly and through transparent glazing and scumbling. The safe use of artists’ pigments, painting mediums, brushes, painting supports and their preparation will be covered in depth. A visit to the Academy collections enhances studio instruction.

Printmaking — In the Academy’s state-of-the-art Print Shop, students will learn the fundamentals of printmaking safely and creatively. With their own drawings and ideas as inspiration, students will make black-and-white and color prints using hand-printing and press techniques including the following:

  • Carved-stamp printing
  • Collagraph, to explore texture and shaped plates
  • Monoprinting, or one-of-a-kind painterly prints and traditional etching

Sculpture — Through traditional and contemporary approaches, students will learn the fundamentals and creative possibilities of sculpture. Students will model the figure in clay from direct observation, and translate their own drawings and concepts into three-dimensional reality. The resources of the Academy’s new Sculpture Shop, including the safe use of hand and power tools, will be clearly demonstrated.