Relax. Your Kids Are at JKCP.

As a parent, you’re concerned about your children’s safety, supervision, and that they’re having a great time.

We get that. We share your concerns. They’re the basis of our business. You have nothing to worry about while they’re with us.

We’ll stand on our record. 35 years in business. 100,000 or more students. Overwhelming words of appreciation. Great memories. Wonderful experiences. Here’s how we do it.

Julian Krinsky

He’s the zany, fun guy behind all of this — but when it comes to your kids, he’s serious, especially about their safety. He’ll do anything for them. We couldn’t ask for a more enthusiastic and committed leader. He’s in tune with what teens want and continually raises the bar for what a summer experience can be. When you meet Julian, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

In the details

What may seem like a minor detail can mean the world to our students, so we’re happy to do it. From the moment their planes touch down, to the final ceremonies and ride back to the airport, our team is dedicated to ensuring that every detail for the students is in place. When you’re at JKCP, you can count on consistently superior programming and service.

Day staff, residential staff

Our staff loves what they do and it shows. We have two sets of staff working together to create a great experience for our students. Instructors are with students during the day; residential counselors are with them at night.

Instructors are subject matter experts. They’re Master Chefs. They’ve been on the Pro Tour. They teach at the college level. Whether it’s Sports & Fitness, Science & Technology, Business & Leadership, or the Arts, they deliver knowledgeable instruction and direction. Outside of class, residential counselors are responsible for social life, entertainment, evening activities and weekend trips.

You tell us, we listen

Over 35 years, JKCP has evolved to best accommodate the needs of our students and their families. We’re flexible and responsive to the ever-changing requests. And, thanks to you, each year we get just a little better!

Safety: Our Top Priority

From personally meeting students at the airport or train station, to making sure they’re enjoying every day’s activities and seeing them safely off on their way back home, JKCP is proactive about safety.

  • Our staff goes through extensive background checks and an intensive orientation prior to the start of each summer. From homesickness to laundry, our team is trained to handle situations discretely, with care and sensitivity.
  • Supervision is determined based on age and campus location. We maintain proper staff-to-student ratios to ensure the right balance of supervision and small group freedom for the various age groups between 7 and 18.
  • We maintain a professionally designed crisis management plan in the event of any emergency.
  • Our locations are minutes from the region’s top hospitals and medical professionals. Parents will complete a detailed medical form prior to each student’s arrival.
  • A registered nurse, doctor and trainers are always on call. Some reside right on campus.

“Safe and Truly Memorable”

“Many thanks to your entire staff for making Krinsky camp a safe and truly memorable program. I am an over protective parent and I never once had to question or worry about either one of our children while under your supervision. This being said, I cannot thank everyone enough for welcoming and continuing to encourage Ashley in her dreams and ambitions.” Jodi, parent

Full-Time Fun. With a Purpose.

While times vary by program and student age, here’s a typical Monday through Friday schedule:

7:15–8:00 Wake-up

8:00–9:30 Lineup and Breakfast

9:30–12:00 Morning Classes

12:00–1:30 Lunch and Free Time

1:30–4:00 Afternoon Classes

4:00–5:30 Finishing Classes and Free Time

5:30–6:30 Dinner

7:00–10:00 Evening Activities

10:00–11:00 Curfew

The fun keeps going . . .

Each evening students enjoy organized activites, both on and off campus. Casino nights, dance parties, talent shows and campus olympics are on-campus favorites. Off-campus trips include the movies, concerts, bowling and the famous King of Prussia mall.

. . . And going

On weekends, students who are staying longer than one week take trips to regional destinations. We leave Saturday morning and return in the late evening. On Sundays, students sleep in, have brunch and take a trip to a local attraction in the Philadelphia area.

Dates & Tuition

JKCP makes it possible for your children to do what they love, while learning, growing and making friends they’ll have and remember forever. It’s an investment in their future.

We are structured to offer value. Our pricing is inclusive. The price you pay covers just about everything — rooming, most meals, lectures, activities, 5 hours of instruction every day, guest appearances and more. In addition, we offer various discounts and occasional pricing offers to make camp more affordable.

Session dates and tuition

Click here to download a PDF with 2015 dates and tuition. We know this is a lot of information in one place. Call us toll-free at 866-879-5527 (866-TRY-JKCP). We’ll help you pick the right program and package.

Financial Aid

You may request a scholarship by completing our financial aid application form.  If approved, any adjustments are normally made in the form of partial tuition reduction, which is typically between 5% and 25% off the tuition price. Read more here.

Cancellation insurance, just in case

Trust us: It’s a good idea. We recommend cancellation insurance to everyone. It protects you against unforeseen circumstances, a change in travel plans, anything that might prevent your child from coming to JKCP.

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FAQs & Basic Info

Before I apply

How do I choose which JK camp to attend?

At Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs, you don’t have to choose just one camp or program! You can build your summer with us. Spend one week at Tennis camp and the next cross-training at GetFit at Enrichment. Or, take advantage of our Enrichment program to sharpen your skills before heading to Philadelphia for an Internship. Not sure which program is right for you? Spend some time on our website looking around or call us at 866.TRY.JKCP.

When should I submit my application?

All of our programs have limited space availability, so you’ll want to apply as soon as possible. Our academic programs are highly competitive and often have strict deadlines. For our programs with rolling admissions, the earlier you apply, the better your chances of being accepted. Please check the program info page to determine deadlines.

What is the difference between the residential, extended day and day options?

Residential students stay on campus for meals, housing, and evening and weekend activities. Day students are on campus for daily programming and lunch only. Day students are invited to join residential campers for dinner and evening and weekend activities at additional costs. Extended day is offered from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and includes extra activities.

Can I bring my cell phone?

One of the reasons students love JKCP is that we allow them to stay connected with family and friends while away from home. As long as you don’t use it in class or during group activities, you are welcome to bring and use your cell phone.

After applying

How do I make payments?

We require a deposit and application fee at the time of application to secure your spot in the program. Your balance may be paid via cash, check, wire transfer or credit card. (Some programs do not accept credit card payment).

What is cancellation insurance?

Trust us: It’s a good idea. We recommend cancellation insurance to protect against unforeseen circumstances, sudden illness or injury to you or a family member, or a change in travel plans. The price of the insurance is 5% of the total tuition fee and must be paid at time of application. There will be no refund of tuition after May 1, if cancellation insurance was not paid in full at the time of application.  Please view our policy (PDF).

Do I need to obtain a visa if I live outside the U.S.?

Depending on your home country, some international students will need to apply for a visa. When doing so please apply for a visitor’s visa, not a student visa, and indicate that you will be attending a “summer camp” in the United States. Please contact our office, if you have any questions.

Campus and dorm life

What will I eat?

The food at camp is typical of a college cafeteria and students are given the freedom to make their own choices. This may be an adjustment for some. Salad, fruit, vegetables, sandwich deli bar and different hot entrées accompany each lunch and dinner. Daily menus are posted. If you have special dietary needs or allergies, please contact us prior to your arrival. We know students prefer restaurants; so we have designated at least one evening per week for an off-campus meal. Students are responsible for purchasing all their off-campus meals.

What type of laundry services are available?

Each campus has laundry facilities, where you can do your washing and drying. You will need to provide your own laundry detergent. On certain campuses coins are needed to operate the machines. We offer laundry service for $25 per week.

What happens if I lose my room key?

A $200 room key deposit must be paid before check-in for overnight students. The full amount will be returned at the end of the summer, providing the room key is returned and no damage was done to the room. If you lose your room key notify your residential counselor immediately. The locks will need to be changed and you will be issued a new key deducting $150 from your room key deposit.

What happens if I am sick or injured?

A nurse, doctor, pediatric nurse practitioner and trainer are always on call. There is a hospital within 10 minutes of all our camps. If your child is not feeling well, please have them tell HIS/HER instructor or counselor immediately.  This way, we can help them feel better faster! If your child is seen by our family practitioner, the office will bill you directly, not your individual insurance company.

What is your policy on smoking and substance abuse?

We have a zero tolerance policy for the use or possession of alcohol, tobacco, weapons, or drugs. Their use or possession will result in immediate expulsion from camp. If students come to the program carrying alcohol, tobacco, weapons or drugs they must hand these in before camp begins. Parents and students are required to read and sign JKCP program rules and policies (included in their arrival packet), prior to their attending camp. In addition, students are made aware of these rules during student orientation.

Parent concerns

Do your students come alone or with a friend?

Most of our students travel to and the attend the program without a friend. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and make friends from around the world. Plus, our counselors are great at helping students meet new people, from the moment they arrive on campus. However, you are always welcome to come with a friend.

How will my child to get to and from campus when they arrive?

We offer transportation to and from Philadelphia International Airport or Philadelphia’s 30th Street Amtrak Train Station. We also recommend hiring a driver if you are flying to another airport or location. We recommend professional driver Robert Folz 610.636.4530.

What should I do if my child experiences a problem while away at camp?

While cell phone use is allowed at Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs, campers are encouraged to notify the director of the program immediately with any problem that arises. We have found that campers who use this direct communication get their problem resolved in the quickest and most professional manner. Working with the directors on campus is much easier than calling home and having parents try to fix the problem remotely. We promote communication between students and parents, as this helps overcome homesickness in many cases. However, please keep in mind that JKCP employs an experienced professional summer staff to help your child have a memorable, fun learning experience while at camp.

How are the weekend trips supervised?

Trips are always well-supervised. Within reasonable limits, the level of supervision varies based on the age of the campers and the locations of the trips (e.g. a local movie theater as opposed to New York City or Washington, D.C.). More specifically, students 12 and under are always assigned to small groups with a designated counselor. Students 13 years and older are allowed to walk in groups of three or more. Numerous “hotspots” are set up, so students can quickly find counselors throughout the day.

How much spending money should my child bring to camp?

The amount of spending money you send with your child is at your discretion; you are the best judge of your child’s spending habits. However, we suggest that students bring approximately $75–$125 per week for laundry, off-campus meals, snacks and personal expenses. This money should be sent with the student in the form of a debit or check card.

Why is JKCP not accredited by the American Camp Association?

For a fee, the voluntary ACA accreditation process evaluates the cleanliness, safety, food services and emergency management services of camps across the country. Because our programs are located on suburban or urban college campuses that must meet the strict guidelines of the US Department of Education and the local Department of Health, we are guaranteed to meet and exceed these standards. In addition, we follow all emergency and safety procedures laid out by the campus and local authorities.

Did these answer your questions? If you have more please email us! [email protected]

“The Perfect Balance”

“If there was anything to suggest I would, but it seems Julian has figured out the perfect balance. So keep motivating my son! You will see him again next summer.” Suzette D, parent

“Meet people from all over the world”

“I would recommend this camp to anyone. It’s so great getting to meet people from all over the world. I now have friends in Florida, New York, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and Russia! Arkansas loved you Krinsky!”  Kayla Christine M, student

“Life Changing Experience”

“I just wanted to let you know that Alex is having the most amazing time attending your program, both academically and socially. It seems to us that he is having a truly life-changing experience and we are so happy that he was given this opportunity. I would be happy to recommend the program to anyone else.”  Suzy R, parent

“Learned a Tremendous Amount”

“Our son has thoroughly enjoyed his Business class and learned a tremendous amount from the staff at Julian Krinsky.” parent

“Best Experiences of My Life”

“My time at Julian Krinsky camps and programs was one of the best experiences of my life.  My golf has improved tremendously and I felt very comfortable socially.  I met new people and everyone was very friendly.”  Jack G, golf student

“Memories to Last a Lifetime”

“This was my daughters last week at camp and her first time going there. She had an AMAZING time!  Wonderful experience and memories to last a lifetime!  She is already talking about next summer and she just left yesterday.” Lauren S., parent

“The Camp is like a big family”

“The time I spent at JKCP has been the best of my life because even though I stayed just for two weeks, I still met people from every part of the world and because the camp is like a big family.” Luca V., student

“Creating a Non-traditional Camp”

“My daughter and her friends are so happy and are having the greatest time! I am getting all the photos of the cooking, dancing, and the shopping! Thank you so much for creating this non-tradtitional camp.” Chantal, parent

“Dedicated Staff and Counselors”

“I met some of the most interesting and fun people from every corner of the world.  And I’ve never met more dedicated staff and counselors that were there to please everybody. Thank you so much for the summer of a lifetime.” Jacob, business student