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High School / Pre-College

Pre-College at Princeton: Program Specs

Kickin' it at Princeton

A Stimulating Classroom Experience

Choose from over a dozen major subjects. Each morning you will attend a course with a structured curriculum covering a broad range of subject matter related to your major. An animated classroom environment of motivated students with a desire to learn will spark intense discussions and debates on various topics, creating a true college experience.

Not sure which major to pick? Don’t worry. You will choose two minors in addition to your major, so you can explore multiple areas. Minors meet from 2:00 to 4:00 on either Monday and Thursday (M, Th) or Tuesday and Friday (T, F).

Anthropology: How Humans Became Human

Drawing upon theories from biological, cultural and social anthropology, students will begin to understand the human animal. The course also explores basic principles of genetics as well as the study of human evolution.

Anthropology Minors: Biological Anthropology (M, Th) • Genetics (T, F)

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Architecture: Modern Concepts

Design your dream building. Learn architectural basics such as design, materials and techniques. Create a 3D model for your final project.

Architecture Minors: City Planning (M, Th) • Princeton's Architecture (T, F)

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Creative Writing: A Short Story Writer's Workshop

How do writers modify their style when writing for different audiences? What do they do with voice, tone, scene, plot, dialog, characterization and description? We’ll write short stories to develop your command of essential writing techniques.

English Minors: Poetry (M, Th) • Journalism (T, F)

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Economics and Investing: How Money Works

Learn about basic economic principles such as finance, investment strategies, and supply and demand. Final project topics will include the value of money, risk and return, and venture capitalism.

Economics Minors: International Business (M, Th) • Stock Market Analysis (T, F)

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Engineering: Making Things Work

Test your ingenuity through creative problem solving utilizing the basic concepts of mechanical, civil, and electrical engineering. The course will culminate in a competition of student-designed team projects.

Engineering Minors: Artificial Intelligence & Robotics (M, Th) • Nanotechnology (T, F)

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American Government: The Race for the White House

A history of political parties in the United States culminating in an analysis of the current political party system. Special focus will be placed on the dynamics of the upcoming 2008 presidential election.

Government Minors: Hot Topics in Politics (M, Th) • War Presidents (T, F)

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Great Losers in History: The Untold Story

History is written by the winners. In this course, we'll envision conflicts from the losers’ points of view. We'll reverse history and create scenarios imagining world events if the other side had won.

History Minors: Repeating the Great Conflicts (M, Th) • History of Terrorism (T, F)

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History: The Middle East

Join us on a journey through the Middle East, the birthplace and spiritual center of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Explore the political and social history of the Middle East and the region's contemporary conflicts.

History Minors: Birth of Monotheism (M, Th) • Oil: The Currency of the 21st Century (T, F)

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The American Legal System: Law & Order

Law governs virtually every aspect of our personal and social lives. Join us for an introduction of the American legal system and its traditions where we will explore topics as wide-ranging as criminal, constitutional and civil law. Students are exposed to methods of legal analysis, negotiation, cross-examination, criminology and trial mechanics.

Law Minors: Criminology (M, Th) • Ethics (T, F)

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Literature: World Masterpieces

This introduction to literature will present outstanding works across different genres: poetry, theater, essay, and prose fiction. Emphasis will be placed on putting the texts in a broader historical context.

Literature Minors: Science Fiction (M, Th) • Asian Literature (T, F)

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Principles of Marketing: Product, Price, Place and Promotion

What makes a product sell? Discover how factors such as demographics, packaging, branding, advertising, publicity and distribution can determine the success of a product. The final team project will involve bringing a product to market.

Marketing Minors: Public Relations (M, Th) • Advertising (T, F)

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Philosophy: Know Thy Self

Discover the theories of Confucius, John Locke, Karl Marx, Lao Tsu, Hegel, Nietzsche, Sartre and Mahatma Gandhi.

Philosophy Minors: Existentialism (M, Th) • Lao Tsu (T, F)

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Psychology: A Survey of Modern Trends

Why do we do the things we do? This course will touch on the basic principles of several major schools of psychology and provide an overview of the primary functions of the brain within the field of psychology.

Psychology Minors: Abnormal Psychology (M, Th) • Neuroscience (T, F)

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