Digital Journalism & Video Production | Ages 15-18

Facebook filmstrip for Digital Journalism & Video Production

Summer Journalism Programs

An Exciting Immersion in Video Production, Media, Journalism and Social Media 

Get on set and get behind the camera as you produce news stories. From concept to debut, experience the complete production process. Digital content and social media are changing the news business at warp speed. New publications and websites come online every day while traditional papers and magazines struggle to adapt. The news cycle happens 24/7, as stories unfold via tweets, Facebook posts, blogs, smartphone video, satellite uplinks and an array of digital tools that didn’t exist yesterday. 

This class is a creative behind-the-scenes look at the future of video production and journalism for “digital natives.” Your world is online, virtual, interactive and visual – get ready to create digital content! Now you’re ready to take your digital skills to the next level.

This is a chance to create something that is totally yours. You’ll use social media as a reporting tool, conduct interviews, blog, report with Twitter and learn to write for the Web. And you’ll integrate photography, podcasts and video components into your stories to create compelling visual content.  

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