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Embark on a culinary adventure at our two-week intensive cooking program. Philadelphia is a culinary hotspot, making it the ideal place to elevate your cooking skills. At the Julian Krinsky Cooking School, you’ll create delicious, seasonal farm-to-table recipes under the careful guidance of professional chefs.

This two-week intensive course combines trendy palates with tried–and–true cooking fundamentals. Perfect your knife work, understand the science behind pairings, create your own signature dishes and cultivate your taste buds. You may even be inspired to pursue a cooking career!

At the end of the session, take everything you learned and put your skills to the test in our heart-pumping Top Chef style competition.

Location: Villanova University
Ages: 14 – 18
Grades: 9 – 12
Session One: July 7 – July 21
Session Two: July 21 – August 3
Session Length: 14 Days

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Day Tuition: $1,350
Residential Tuition: $4,495


International Cuisines Prepared
Top Chef Style Competition
Recipes Created Last Summer
Instructors who return to JKCP each year

“I have attended several cooking schools in Italy. This is amazingly better!”

Luca F, Student

“The culinary staff at the Julian Krinsky Cooking School focused on everything from the mise en place to the final plate presentation. I left with a new appetite for cooking!”

Madison P, Student

“Teenagers have been using the course as an opportunity to identify their future role in the food industry or as a way to enjoy a periodic rendezvous with the kitchen.”

Joe David, Food Writer

“Who knew that spending a few hours every morning in the kitchen over the summer at JKCP would change my life! By the end of the program, I was convinced that cooking was my future.”

Simon S, Alumnus

“The cooking program is a fast-paced, fun opportunity to develop sophisticated taste buds, a critical appreciation of food and the ability to create some mouth-watering dishes yourself.”

Carlo DeMarco, Guest Chef


  • 8:00am Breakfast

  • 9:00am Day Students Arrive

  • 9:30am Morning Class

  • 12:00pm Lunch

  • 1:30pm Afternoon Class

  • 4:00pm Afternoon Activity

  • 4:15pm Day Students Depart

  • 5:30pm Lineup and Floor Challenges

  • 6:00pm Dinner

  • 6:45pm Evening Activities

Would your dream job involve food? Tasting chocolate all day? Traveling the world to experience local cuisines? Enduring numerous rounds of recipe-testing with your colleagues in the test kitchen? This program will prep you for the coolest jobs on the planet.

The program is ideal if you want to:

  • Learn about recipe development
  • Meet guest chefs
  • Learn about college opportunities in culinary arts
  • Become an entertainologist
  • Refine your tastes; explore umami
  • Create artful presentations
  • Develop your style and broaden your entertaining experiences
  • Learn about perfect pairing
  • Discover what makes a cookbook great

Program Highlights Include:

  • The Business of Cooking
  • Tasting Seminars
  • Ninja Knife Skills
  • Interesting Pairings
  • The Art of Presentation
  • How to Mine a Cookbook
  • Gadgets and Gizmos
  • Classic vs. Trendy
  • Flavors of the World
  • Eating Like a Food Critic
  • Cook-Offs and Competitions
  • Learn from Guest Chefs

If you think you would enjoy a less intensive experience, check out our one-week cooking class at Enrichment.


Each of the summer Chef Instructors has been selected because of their professional accomplishments. They are made up of restaurant chefs, cookbook authors and culinary arts teachers.

Tina Krinsky – Cooking School Founder – Born in Philadelphia, Tina Krinsky was profoundly influenced by the sights and smells of her Italian grandmother’s cooking. Since that time, Krinsky has worked with famous chefs in both the back and front of the house and continually goes to cooking schools. She has a diploma from the Rhode School of Cuisine in Tuscany’s Villa Lucia and has worked with numerous well-established chefs like Gary Coyle from Tavern on the Green in New York City. In 1992, she created the Julian Krinsky Cooking School for kids and teens. From knife skills to flavor experimentation to summer internships in Philadelphia’s finest kitchens, Krinsky has developed the premier summer culinary experience.


College Life. From meeting your new roommate, walking to class on the beautiful campus, eating in the dining halls and taking classes in the historic buildings, you’ll get a taste of what life as a college student is really like. You’ll love the modern facilities, air-conditioned dorms, snack shops, WiFi and state-of-the-art athletic spaces.

International Experience. About 40% of students come from around the world to join us each summer. Every year we hear how much students enjoy meeting people from all over the country and the world and how it opened their eyes to different parts of the globe.

Trips & Activities. One of the best parts of JKCP is the activities. Every evening there is a planned event. Sometimes we stay on campus, and other nights we’ll travel to a local venue for an off-campus activity. Trips are offered every Saturday to regional destinations of your choice. And Sundays are for exploring the Philadelphia region.


$4,495 per session

  • Rooming
  • On-campus meals
  • Afternoon and evening activities
  • Over five hours of instruction every day
  • Guest appearances
  • Course materials

  • Non-refundable Application Fee: $100
  • Early Arrival Student Package: $275
  • Weekend Stay: $200 per weekend
  • Optional services such as laundry, linen and airport transportation – you may select these when applying
  • Meals during weekend trips and off-campus weekday dinners

Students arrive on Sundays and depart on Saturday morning.  Session One students arrive on Sunday, July 7th, and depart on Saturday, July 20th. Session Two students arrive on Sunday, July 21st, and depart on Saturday, August 3rd.

$1,350 per session

  • Lunch
  • Over five hours of instruction every day
  • Guest appearances
  • Course materials

  • Non-refundable application fee: $50
  • Extended day option: $30 per day (Allows day students to join us for dinner and evening activities Monday through Friday.)

Each day session is Monday through Friday. 9:30am to 4:00pm.




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