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Project Description


The Only International Leadership Program of Its Kind

Do you have what it takes to become a global leader? The International Leadership for Social Impact program teaches the crucial skills for future careers in global leadership — and the keys to becoming an engaged global citizen. Each week, students focus on one of the four United Nations pillars. Each pillar prompts real-life simulations, decadent international cuisine, lectures by international leaders and trips to destinations including Washington, D.C. and the United Nations in New York City.

During simulations, you will be assigned a role as a world leader and thrown into a real-world situation or crisis. From public speaking and debate to critical thinking and confidence, you will grow as a future leader. You and your team will design your own non-government organization (NGO) that raises awareness for an “invisible” issue — that is, an issue that lies under the radar but stands to make a huge impact when solved. Compete against classmates in front of a panel of professional judges for a real donation you can put toward your cause!

Collectively, these experiences give you a firsthand, unprecedented glimpse into life as a global leader.

Location: University of Pennsylvania
Grades: 9 – 12
(Ages: 14 – 18)
Program Dates: June 30 – July 27
Session Length: 4 Weeks

The application opens November 23, 2018.

Residential Tuition: $6,995


United Nation Pillars Taught
Site Visits
NGO’s Created Annually
Historic Landmarks in Philly

“To sum up my JKCP experience in one word, it would have to be….. inspirational. The International Leadership for Social Impact program has allowed me to really reflect on who I really am.”

Joel-Isaac M. , Student

“This program was a totally gear-shifting experience for me.”


“While much of the learning comes from working in groups with the diverse culture at the program, many students find that some of their biggest learning experiences come outside of the classroom.”

Sejune P., Student

“My son returned from the program at Upenn and had the best month of his life. So incredibly happy he had this amazing experience and met so many great people!”

Lianna T., Parent

“This experience was a perfect balance of academic and social interactions; the best summer of my life.”

Sarah T., Student


  • 8:15am Breakfast

  • 9:00am Morning Class, Group Work or Guest Speaker

  • 12:00pm Lunch

  • 1:00pm Afternoon Class, Group Work or Guest Speaker

  • 4:30pm Afternoon Activity

  • 6:00pm Dinner

  • 7:00pm Evening Activities

International Relations, Leadership & Cultural Heritage

This program explores the fields of international relations, leadership, and cultural heritage through a variety of interactive academic experiences. By participating in a Model UN conference, international mock trial and security crisis simulation, you will develop your leadership skills and learn more about opportunities to create positive change in the world. Working with the Penn Cultural Heritage Center, you will also get a unique opportunity to learn about cultural heritage at the Penn Museum, engaging with relevant experts in a classroom surrounded by artifacts of history.

Our mission is to engage students in realistic simulations that teach the fundamentals of international relations and the skills necessary to become a leader and engaged global citizen.

This pre-college program prepares you for life! As you address relevant political and business topics and build leadership abilities, you will develop the critical thinking skills needed to understand globalization, current events and multilateral diplomacy. And, you’ll work on the practical skills required to lead; learn what it means to be a leader, what are the key traits of a leader and, most importantly, you’ll leave the program knowing how to get things done.

You will identify leadership traits in yourself as well as in others and will walk away with a set of leadership tools that can be used to create positive change in any organization. From writing mission and vision statements, creating smart goals, managing budgets, and perfecting elevator pitches, you will finish this program as stronger leaders than when you started.

Among the highlights of this summer program are the UN-style world leader simulations. You and your fellow delegates will represent the world’s nations in realistic situations where you debate the most urgent issues facing our world today. You’ll prepare for the sessions by exploring current political situations, leadership positions, voting patterns and alliances of the country you represent.

While staying on campus, you will also work collaboratively to build your own nonprofit organizations to raise awareness of invisible issues affecting the preservation of cultural heritage. These groups will compete with each other for a real grant and, through this process, will learn about how to build an effective organization that creates real social change.

In total, this program is for young people interested in exploring what it means to be a leader in the global community and for those excited by the idea of interactive global learning experiences that can only be found at the University of Pennsylvania.



Our program is run by Mr. Adam Gold, a high school social studies teacher. During the school year, Mr. Gold teaches American history and economics. After working in government, marketing and the non-profit sector as a director of development, Mr. Gold decided to take his passion for education into the classroom full-time. He has also been active in Model United Nations for a number of years as an organizer for the Institute for International Affairs, helping run Model UN and Model Congress conferences. He also serves on the Board of Directors for IDIA, a Model UN organization that promotes civic engagement.


A historic Ivy League university. Located in the heart of Philadelphia. During the summer, the UPenn campus is filled with high school students, undergraduates, graduate students and professors; giving you the real collegiate experience.

International Experience. About 40% of students come from around the world to join us each summer. Every year we hear how much students enjoy meeting people from all over the country and the world and how it opened their eyes to different parts of the globe.

Trips & Activities. There is always something to do when class is over: movies, tours, events, going to the gym and more. Campus is surrounded by dozens of shops and restaurants that are fun to explore with friends. Trips are offered every Saturday to regional destinations of your choice. And Sundays are for exploring the Philadelphia region.


 June 30 – July 27

  • Academic instruction
  • Rooming
  • On-campus meals
  • Afternoon and evening activities
  • Academic field trips
  • Guest appearances
  • Course materials
  • Non-refundable application fee: $100
  • Early arrival student package: $250
  • Optional services such as linen and airport transportation
  • Meals during weekend trips and off-campus weekday dinners

Students arrive on Sunday, June 30th, and depart on Saturday, July 27th.

In order to complete an application for admission, students are required to submit the following:

  • Basic application information using our registration form
  • Application fee ($100, paid via credit card)
  • Student questionnaire (required, including what prompted your interest in international leadership for social impact, your skills and strengths, extracurricular activities, and what you hope to gain from the experience)
  • School information (required, including name, address, phone, type, graduation year, and guidance counselor information)
  • Academic transcript including Fall grades (required, we accept unofficial and official transcripts)
  • Letter of recommendation (we require one letter which may be written by a current or recent teacher, school administrator, employer or mentor, or director of extracurricular activities)
  • International students will be required to show competency in English. In order of our preference, the student may submit TOEFL, ACT, SAT, or a letter of recommendation from English Teacher.

Rolling admissions timeline and completed applications will be considered on a rolling, weekly basis. The application will close May 31, 2019. Applicants must register and complete their application before the set deadline to be considered for admission.




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Sponsored by Yale, the summer academy is an immersive academic experience for high school students in an Ivy League setting.

Location: Yale University
Ages: 16-18
Grades: 11-12
Program Dates: June 30 – July 27
Session Length: 4 Weeks


Invaluable experience in your chosen field before heading to college! You could observe surgery, get in the courtroom, work with a startup and more!

Location: University of Pennsylvania
Ages: 14 – 18
Grades: 9 – 12
Session One: June 23 – July 13
Session Two: July 14 – August 3
Session Length: 3 Weeks


We like to think of Enrichment as the “jack of all trades” program — perfect for the athlete who loves to paint, the gamer who shoots short films and the writer who sketches red carpet fashion designs.

Location: Villanova University
Ages: 14 – 18
Grades: 9 – 12
Program Dates: June 23 – August 10
Residential Session Length: 7 Days