Project Description

Pre-Med Prep

Ages: 14 – 18


NEW FOR 2020! Based on the popularity of our Anatomy and Biology courses, we created Pre-Med Prep. This is the ideal course to get you ready for the next steps in your medical career, whether that’s a more intense summer experience next year, your classes this fall or an internship. This course will get you ready.

You’ll examine anatomy and physiology in fascinatingly close detail. You’ll learn the complexities of the body’s cells, tissues and major organs. In this hands-on program, you will get to participate in a variety of dissections, simulations, labs, activities, and discussions designed to enhance your understanding of the body’s many systems – muscular, circulatory, skeletal and more! Finally, this course will outline different fields of medicine as well as the medical careers that comprise each one.

Location: Villanova University
Ages: 14 – 18
Session One: June 28 – July 4
Session Two: July 5 – July 11
Session Three: July 12 – July 18
Session Four: July 19 – July 25
Session Five: July 26 – August 1
Residential Session Length: 7 Days
Day Session Length: 5 Days

Day Tuition: $625

Residential Tuition: $2,150

Save 5% off tuition before April 30th.

Additional discounts available for:

  • Multi-week registrations
  • Bring a Friend
  • Alumni
  • Siblings


Sessions Offered
Countries Students Come From
Hours of Instruction
Increase in Healthcare Careers Through 2026


  • 8:00am Breakfast

  • 9:15am Day Students Arrive

  • 9:30am Morning Course

  • 12:00 am Lunch

  • 1:30pm Afternoon Course

  • 4:00pm Afternoon Activity

  • 4:15 pm Day Student Departure

  • 5:30pm Line Up and Floor Challenge

  • 6:00pm Dinner

  • 6:45pm Evening Activities

The Pre-Med Prep course will consist of four major components:

  1. Biology
  2. Anatomy
  3. Physiology
  4. The healthcare industry

During this one week intensive students will be introduced to:

  • Suturing
  • Drawing blood
  • IV’s
  • Dissection
  • Minimally Invasive surgical techniques

Beyond the classroom:

Are you thinking about pursuing a career that will impact the lives of others? The healthcare industry is in high demand and could be a potential path for you. Healthcare is a dynamic field with a lot of career options. This course will teach you how to find the right path for you and the education needed to pursue a future career you will love. We will cover questions regarding which high school courses to take, entry exams and universities that offer programs in your field of interest.


Registered Nurse
Physical Therapist


The JKCP instructors are what set us apart from other programs. We select our instructors for both their expertise and their love for what they do best. This passion makes each course engaging, fun and really different than your typical high school class. All of our instructors are subject matter experts and 95% have a Masters Degree. We have completely separate residential staff to handle dorm life and all the activities outside of the classroom.


College Life. From meeting your new roommate, walking around the beautiful campus and eating in the dining halls, you’ll get a taste of what life as a college student is really like. You’ll love the modern facilities, air-conditioned dorms, snack shops, WiFi and state-of-the-art athletic spaces.

International Experience. About 40% of students come from around the world to join us at JKCP each summer. Every year we hear how much students enjoy meeting people from all over the country and the world and how it opened their eyes to different parts of the globe.

Trips & Activities. One of the best parts of JKCP is the activities. Every evening is a planned event. Sometimes we stay on campus, and other nights we’ll travel to a local venue for an off-campus activity. Trips are offered every Saturday to regional destinations of your choice. And Sundays are for exploring the Philadelphia region.


$2,150 per week

Save 5% off tuition before April 30th.

Multi-week discounts available:

  • $50 off per week for 2 weeks
  • $100 off per week for 3+ weeks
  • Rooming
  • On-campus meals
  • Afternoon and evening activities
  • Over five hours of instruction every day
  • Guest appearances
  • Course materials

  • $100 Application Fee: Waived for 2020
  • Weekend Stay: $225 per weekend
  • Optional services such as laundry, linen and airport transportation – you may select these when applying
  • Meals during weekend trips and off-campus weekday dinners

Residential students arrive on Sundays and depart on Saturday mornings.

$625 per week

Save 5% off tuition before April 30th.

Multi-week discounts available:

  • $15 off per week for 2 weeks
  • $35 off per week for 3+ weeks

  • Lunch
  • Over five hours of instruction every day
  • Guest appearances
  • Course materials

  • $50 Application Fee: Waived for 2020
  • Extended day option: $30 per day (Allows day students to join us for dinner and evening activities Monday through Friday.)

Each session is Monday through Friday. Drop-off 9:15 | Pick-up 4:14| Villanova University

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JKCP Internships place you within your field of choice, with a mentor who gives you a hands-on, three-week look at what they do – a priceless opportunity to see a career in action. Discover an industry and unlock your passion!

Location: University of Pennsylvania
Grades: Rising 11 & 12
Residential Session Length: 3 Weeks


Variety is the spice of life, making Enrichment a favorite for students who want to try a few different things! Create your perfect summer schedule by choosing one morning and one afternoon course from 20 subjects.

Location: Villanova University
Ages: 14 – 18
Residential & Day Camp


This immersive, two-week business program shows you and like-minded moguls how to skillfully build a business while simultaneously calculating risk. Pitch your ideas on our Shark Tank style challenge to some of Philadelphia’s business leaders.

Location: Villanova University
Ages: 14 – 18
Residential & Day Camp