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The Latest Tech Taught Here

If you love computers, gaming, programming, science or experiments, you will love the Science & Technology classes at this speciality middle school camp program. You’re "here" because you said you’re between 10 and 13 years old and you’re interested in one or more programs in Science & Technology. Now, let us help you find the perfect summer classes for you!

JKCP Xploration offers weekly sessions to give you lots of choices and scheduling flexibility. So you can focus on your favorite activity, try something new, or do both.

Plus you can mix and match those courses with dozens more in the Arts and Sports & Fitness — including Cooking, Fashion, Photography, Sports, Music and others.


Science & Technology Half-Day Courses (12.5 hours per week)

  • Computers 12.5

  • Science 12.5

  • Video Production 12.5

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Experience Science & Tech

Expand your Science & Technology horizons

This is your chance to explore new skills and experiences in a friendly atmosphere with great teachers and classmates — people who are excited about the same things you are. There are several groups for each course and we’ll make sure you’re in the right one for you.

The choice is yours!

Setting up your day is easy. You'll choose one course for the morning, 9:30-12:00, and another for the afternoon, 1:30-4:00. A half-day course is 12.5 hours of class time.

For example, you might do the Computers from 9:30 to 12. Video Production from 1:30 to 4:00. That sounds like a great week. View the full Xploration schedule to create your custom week.


Science & Technology Half-Day Courses (12.5 hours per week)

Computers 12.5

Get behind the scenes of website creation. Forget the template! We’re going back to the basics of HTML so you can create custom sites.

• Introduction to HTML, scanning, creating graphics, and audio and video compression

• Design a custom website

• Your pages can include graphics, animation, games, sounds, video, forms, mouseovers, scrolling banners and more

• Learn programming languages

• All levels welcome


Science 12.5

Imagine it. Build it. See the physics behind the world around you.

• From aerodynamics to chemical reactions, test your hypothesis in daily experiments

• Create geysers, watch explosions, launch missiles

• Investigate how the world works from microorganisms to energy sources


Video Production 12.5

Get on set and get behind the camera. From storyboard to debut, experience the complete production process.

• Play all the roles: director, editor, producer

• We pick the network. You shoot the video.

• Use software such as Final Cut Pro and iMovie

• Showcase your work on our YouTube channel


Summertime Living at Haverford

7:45 A.M. — Wake-up. You’ll have your own single or double room on campus (limited double rooms available). Counselors stay on the same floor with their assigned groups.

8:15 — Morning Assembly & Breakfast. Cafeteria-style meals in the dining center include all your favorite breakfast foods.

8:45 — Day Campers Arrive

9:30-12:00 — Morning Session

12:00 — Lunch. Lunch includes all kinds of sandwiches and salads, with fruit and dessert

1:30-4:00 — Afternoon Session

4:30 — Afternoon Activities. Your call. Play some sports. Go online. Hang with your friends. Read, relax or go off campus with your counselor to Saxbys, Starbucks, Baskin-Robbins, Hope’s Cookies, Chipotle or Wawa.

5:15 — Evening Forum. We'll update you about the evening’s activities.

6:00 — Dinner. Lots of choices. Pastas, stir-fry, chicken, fish of the day. Always soup & salad bar, veggies, fruit and desserts too.

7:00 — Evening Activities. Every evening we do organized activities on and off campus. Our plans vary each week.  But here’s what you can look forward to.

On-Campus Activities

  • Scavenger hunt
  • Casino evening
  • Dance party
  • Talent show
  • Outdoor movie & video night
  • Swim party
  • Karaoke & pizza party
  • Outrageous olympics
  • Games night

Off-Campus Activities

  • Multiplex or IMAX
  • Fireworks
  • Trip to the King of Prussia Mall
  • Baseball games
  • Bowling
  • Roller or ice skating

Your choice of Saturday trips

Two trips are offered each Saturday. You choose one. We leave after breakfast and return in the evening. See Weekend Trips & Destinations for this summer’s schedule, subject to change.


Residential Day
June 24 – June 30 June 25 – June 29
July 1 – July 7 July 2 – July 6
July 8 – July 14 July 9 – July 13 
July 15 – July 21 July 16 – July 20
July 22 – July 28 July 23 – July 27 
July 29 – August 4 July 30 – August 3 
August 5 – August 11 August 6 – August 10







Tuition: Register Before March 1

  1  week  2 weeks  3+ weeks 
Residential $1695 $1645 $1595
Day: Full $495    
Day: Mornings $295    
Day: Afternoons $245    





Application Fee: $90 for residential students. $50 for day students. 

Tuition: Register March 1 & Later

  1  week  2 weeks  3+ weeks 
Residential $1795 $1745 $1695
Day: Full $510    
Day: Mornings $310    
Day: Afternoons $260    





Application Fee: $90 for residential students. $50 for day students. 

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