Summer Internships | Ages 16-18

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  • 3- and 6-week sessions
  • Work in your chosen field
  • Transportation to and from work included
  • College Credit from the University of Delaware
  • Campus life at the University of Pennsylvania

Summer Internship Programs

Real Internships: Real Work Experience

With a Julian Krinsky Summer Internship, students ages 16-18 will be placed in a professional office or business located in Greater Philadelphia. You’ll have an inside advantage as you work in the industry of your choice, build a network of contacts and develop your resume for the future. You might be interning with a lawyer, developing marketing campaigns, shadowing a doctor, assisting a vet, or involved with high-profile clients in the sports management field.


This is your chance to explore, discover and experience professional life firsthand in a fast-paced, educational, and fun environment.

Career Preparation

There’s no better way to understand a profession than by actually doing it. That’s exactly what an internship offers: a chance to do meaningful, hands-on work in the field of your choice. Why spend four years in college studying for a career you’ve never experienced? That’s why, a high school internship is one of the most valuable ways you can spend your summer.

  • You’ll explore your career options and help guide your future college and career choices.
  • Look impressive on a college application. It’s a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd.
  • Thrive in a learning environment that is different from school.
  • Discover your strengths and how to apply them to a career.
  • Understand if an industry is really right for you.
  • Hone your interview skills, resume writing, and expand your decision-making abilities.
  • Take advantage of the vital networking opportunities with other students, teachers, and business professionals.

In the grand scheme of life, a few weeks in summer is really a short amount of time. We guarantee you’ll be glad you took a little time to use your summer wisely to get an inside look into your future career!

“Life Changing Experience”

“I just wanted to let you know that Alex is having the most amazing time attending your program, both academically and socially. It seems to us that he is having a truly life-changing experience and we are so happy that he was given this opportunity. I would be happy to recommend the program to anyone else.” Suzy Rosenthal, parent

Imagine Your Future Career Here

Our internships are designed to provide meaningful work and life experiences. Interns are selected by the mentoring professionals and companies after a careful review of their complete application. Our internship coordinator also conducts an extensive interview before you arrive to ensure the placement is right for you and provides the experience you expect.

Depending on your chosen field, you will spend several fascinating weeks working in an office, lab, studio, museum, behind the microphone or on the stage. Learn about the field, get work experience and live away from home in a college environment.

Have another idea for an internship? Let us know and we’ll try to arrange it. Each year we develop new internships based on your ideas.

“Tremendous Help in the Future”

“I had a great time working with SeventySix, and I can’t thank you enough for making it all possible.  I’m going to be taking so much away from this experience, and I know that what I’ve learned is going to be a tremendous help in the future. For the second year in a row, I’ve had a life-changing experience and I hope to come back next year.” -Nick, student






College Credit from the University of Delaware

Career Building: An Entrepreneurial Approach (1 credit)

Students in the Julian Krinsky Internship Program can earn college credit from the University of Delaware Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics. The Business College is accredited by the AASCB (Assoc. of Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business).

This course is designed to provide practical career development skills and foster an entrepreneurial mindset. Students will learn how to brand themselves through the use of resumes and social media; acquire communication, social influence, and networking skills; and develop an understanding of how to succeed in any workplace.

The course is designed to complement the experience you will have at your internship site as you learn about:

  • Social Media
  • Managing Your Personal Brand
  • Job Markets
  • Communication Skills
  • Resume Writing
  • Cultural differences in the job search
  • Successful Networking

Application Deadline is May 1. We strongly encourage applying as early as possible to secure the internship field of your choice.

*Although all internship students are enrolled and participate in this course, only citizens and permanent residents of the USA are eligible for college credit 



Life at the University of Pennsylvania

As a Julian Krinsky Intern, you will live on campus at the University of Pennsylvania. You’ll love living at this historic Ivy League school in the heart of Philadelphia’s University City. Our interns live in Penn’s famous Quad, walking distance to the many dining halls on campus as well as some of Philadelphia’s best restaurants.

There is always something to do when your workday is over. Campus is surrounded by interesting streets, filled with dozens of shops and restaurants that are fun to explore with friends. From the Penn Bookstore to Urban Outfitters and American Apparel, you’ll love shopping on nearby Chestnut St.

Wharton School of Business
Wharton School of Business
JKCP at Penn
JKCP at Penn
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Slide 8
JKCP at Love Statue at Penn
JKCP at Love Statue at Penn
Penn Campus 2
Penn Campus 2
Penn Campus
Penn Campus

Evening Activities

Students who reside on campus participate in evening activities.  Each evening students participate in either an on-campus or off-campus activity. Typical activities include:

  • Game night
  • Movies or King of Prussia Mall
  • Bowling
  • Casino Night
  • And more

Saturday Trips

Each Saturday, residential students can choose between two trips.  Students leave in the morning, travel in an air conditioned coach busses and spend the day at their destination of choice. Students will visit the attractions in small groups and a counselor.  You can download the 2014 summer weekend trip schedule here. Typical weekend trips include:

  • Washington D.C.
  • New York City
  • New Jersey Beaches
  • Amusement Parks
  • And more

Sunday Trips

Students also participate in visits in and around Philadelphia to many of the most famous destinations such as:

  • Liberty Bell
  • Constitution Center
  • Franklin Institute
  • Philadelphia Zoo


A Typical Day as a JKCP Intern

7:00 A.M. — Wake-up. You’ll be living in the famous Quadrangle dorm on the Penn campus.

7:30 — Breakfast. Use your Summer Penn Card for breakfast on campus at 1920 Commons or Starbucks.

8:00 — Go to Work. We’ll provide transportation to and from your internship.

Midday — Lunch. Lunch is on you, so budget accordingly. Brown-bag it, join your coworkers at a restaurant, or find a comfortable spot for some take-out.

5:00–5:45 — Return to Penn. This is your time. Go for a run, hit the gym, catch up with email or relax with something to read.

6:00 — Dinner. Most evenings we dine together on campus.

7:00 — Evening Activities. Every evening there are scheduled activities to interest everyone, whether you’d rather stay on campus or go into town.

Places within walking distance of Penn:

Shops & entertainment

  • Penn Bookstore
  • Ann Taylor Loft
  • Eastern Mountain Sports
  • The Gap
  • American Apparel
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Bridge Cinema
  • Strikes Bowling
  • Concerts
  • World Cafe Live

Food & restaurants

  • Cosi
  • Starbucks
  • Pod
  • White Dog Cafe
  • La Terrasse
  • Saladworks
  • Beijing
  • Penne
  • Fresh Grocer
  • Cereality
  • Tony Lukes
  • Gia Pronto
  • Marathon Grill


Frequently Asked Questions

Below please find the most commonly asked questions.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, please call us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Selecting the Right Internship for You

What if I am unsure about the internship that is best for me?

The program will provide you with a platform to get real-life work experience. Our Internship Director and experienced staff will provide several opportunities that are a potential fit and will work with you to determine the best placement. The Internship program gives you the chance to “try-on” a career before you make the financial commitment to pursue it in college, which is invaluable, even if you recognize that your internship or industry was not exactly what you thought it would be.

Do you offer internships in multiple cities?

No. The program is specifically located near our company headquarters, near Philadelphia, where JKCP began operations over 35 years ago. During our tenure, we have developed excellent relationships in the local community and business world.  Through this substantial network and with our earned reputation, we can provide students like you, with excellent, real-life work experiences, in multiple industries with companies we know.

Which session do you recommend?

While any internship is an excellent and valuable opportunity, we recommend staying for as many weeks as possible. Students staying for longer sessions have the most opportunity to be involved in larger, long-term projects.

Can I speak to someone who has participated in the program?

Of course! Please contact us at and we will be glad to provide a reference.

Are internships paid?

No, internships are not paid.


Dates & Tuition

Are your session dates flexible?  What happens if I can’t attend the specific session dates?

We will work with you to determine if we can accommodate your request. This will be on a case-by-case basis, so we strongly suggest you speak to our Director as early as possible, to determine what internship options we have available given your schedule needs.

Why do you charge a deposit?

We require a deposit once we receive your application, so that we can begin to prepare for your interview, and take necessary steps to secure your placement once you’ve been accepted to the program.

If you do not find a good internship match for me, is my deposit refundable?

If we cannot secure an internship within the two fields you listed on your application form, we will gladly refund the deposit. If however, we have been in touch with mentors on your behalf to secure a placement, and then you decide to voluntarily withdraw from the program, we will not be able to refund the deposit. Your remaining tuition balance is due two weeks after you have received your placement letter via email.

Do you offer financial aid?

No. As an alternative source of funding, you might want to consider contacting local civic, governmental, religious and academic organizations, who regularly provide funding for this kind of summer program.  We’ve had many students who have been the beneficiaries of the funding that these organizations provide.


Applying for Your Internship

How does the application process work?

Online Application

- Please apply online

- Complete the online application form and submit a credit card payment online for the non-refundable application fee of $150 and the $800 deposit. You are required to list two fields of interest, in order of preference so we may find a suitable placement for you, or a blend of your preferences.

- There are two short essay questions for you to answer on the application.

- Provide one letter of recommendation.

- Please provide us with the name and email address of one reference from school. We will contact your reference on your behalf with instructions for completing an online Letter of Recommendation.

- It is a good idea to think about the industry you are considering and select an appropriate teacher.

- When we receive the application via our automated online system, we will open a file for you as a registered applicant.

Additional Requirements

After you have applied to the internship program, please submit your resume via email to (see application form for instructions).

- Upload a digital photograph (see application form for instructions).

Phone Interview

Once the application is complete (including all required materials) and we have received your deposit, JKCP will contact you for a phone interview.

Internship Placement

Once the interview is complete, students will be notified of their acceptance into the program, and the placement process will begin.

- Certain industries are more competitive than others, such as, medicine, finance, sports management, architecture, entertainment and journalism, and may require a phone interview with the company. In some cases, previous work experience or related classes/projects may be required.

- Please keep in mind that internship placements fill up quickly, so please give attention to fulfilling all application requirements, as soon as possible.

When should I apply?

Our applications are available online.  This is a competitive program and admission is on a rolling basis. The earlier your application is received, the better your chances of being accepted for your chosen internship. Internship assignments are made when completed applications have been reviewed and accepted by the internship mentors.

How can I check to see if there are still internships available in my field of interest?

Many internship fields fill up quickly. If you are seriously considering this program and can expedite your application process, we recommend that you call our office for an accurate update regarding internship availability. We also recommend applying early so that you can secure an internship in your primary field of choice.

If I have already arranged my own internship, can I still participate in your program?

Students who have their own internship can take advantage of our Residential Housing service. Students will live in the Quad at Penn and will benefit from on-campus meals, planned evening activities, and weekend excursions. Students, however, are required to make their own arrangements for transportation to/from work, if they are doing their internship independently. Please email [email protected] to receive a Housing application, or call 610-265-9401.

What visa do international students need to do this program?

If you are an international student, you need to apply for a B2 short stay visitor’s visa. Please contact your local US Embassy for additional information.


Placing You in the Right Internship

Will I have to phone interview for my internship? What can I expect from the phone interview?

Yes, as part of the application and acceptance process, we will conduct a phone interview. In addition, some of our mentors require phone interviews with candidates. We will certainly assist you in preparing for the second round of interviews.  After all materials are received and verified as complete, a phone interview will be arranged with the internship coordinator at JKCP.  The purpose of the phone interview is to learn more about you, your hobbies and interests, and more specifically your college and career aspirations. We suggest you prepare and practice for your interview to give yourself the best chance of being selected. We will also provide you with an Interview Tip Sheet, so you may prepare appropriately. Interviews are typically 20 to 30 minutes.

Does JKCP determine who is accepted into the program or denied?

During the call, as we explore your goals and potential internship interests, we will share insight into some potential internships and industries to determine if this program is a good fit.  If for some reason we do not feel the program is appropriate for you at this time, we will recommend another JKCP program, or suggest you apply the following year. The deposit will be refunded, or can be applied as a credit to another JKCP program, should you choose this alternative.

Can a company deny me acceptance into the program?

If you are accepted by us and complete a second interview with a company, that company may choose to deny your placement with them. At that time, it is up to JKCP to evaluate the feedback and determine if another internship is more suitable for you this year. At this stage, we will certainly consult both you and your parents to determine next steps that are in your best interest. In this circumstance, the deposit of $800 which is credited toward your tuition, will be refunded, however the non-refundable application fee will not.

Can you guarantee my first internship choice?

Although we cannot always guarantee your first choice, most applicants are placed in an internship within their industry of choice. We work hard to find internships that are challenging, fun and provide an opportunity for you to grow both personally and professionally.

How will you determine which internship is the best fit for me?

Through our interview process, you will be presented with potential internship options. You will be expected to demonstrate a strong interest in the field as well as an enthusiasm to learn. You should be prepared to elaborate on your interests, related coursework and extra-curricular activities or hobbies to help determine the best placement for you. These factors, along with your application materials will assist us in determining the right fit. Once we have recommended an internship for you, we will send you an overview of your internship and details regarding your placement. If you are happy with your choice, we will contact the company to notify them that we have a match. Some companies are quicker to respond than others. Once we hear back from the company, we will notify you and send you an official placement letter via email. To secure your internship, we require the balance of your tuition to be paid within two weeks.

Can I switch to a different internship if I don’t like the company I’m placed with?

Once you are placed with a company, and you begin working there, it is difficult to switch. We will work with you to determine why there is a request to switch. This happens very rarely, however, if necessary, we will meet with you and your mentor to see what changes can be made to ensure the rest of your internship goes well at your current placement. Please keep in mind that we take the placement process seriously to ensure that you have a very good idea of the internship before accepting it. Sometimes a company or industry may not be exactly what you envisioned. In that case, your experience is still valuable in determining whether you choose to pursue an industry.


On the Job

How do I get to and from work each day?

JKCP has a fleet of vans driven by licensed professionals to transport you to your internship in the morning and pick you up in the evening. You will be on a transportation route with other interns on their way to work.

Who will oversee my internship within the company?

Each intern is assigned to a mentor or mentors. Your mentor(s) will work with you to determine overall expectations for your internship, as well as your responsibilities and projects. We strongly recommend that you make a lasting impression so that you can secure a reference letter from your mentor before you leave the program.

What is the dress code at work?

The dress code varies depending on the place of work. However, the majority of internship companies abide by a business casual policy. Please note, that some internships may require the purchase of particular clothing items. For example, medical internships may require scrubs and culinary internships may require the purchase of a chef’s jacket and/or chef’s pants, at your own expense. We will send dress code requirements and suggestions once placement is finalized.

What happens on the first day?

For the first day of work, a counselor will accompany you to breakfast and to your place of work to ensure that you are in the right place to meet your mentor.

What if there is a special work event during evening/weekend time, can I get transported there?


Can I receive credit or community service hours for my Internship?

Yes!  The University of Delaware – Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics provides one college credit for the internship program. Upon your request, we can provide a certificate of completion stating the number of hours in your internship. It is typical for interns to secure service hours for work in the community service field.


Future Careers

Do interns ever receive job offers at the conclusion of their internship?

Yes, in some cases, our interns have been invited to consult from home or return the following summer to work as a paid employee.

Will I receive a letter of recommendation at the end of the program?

JKCP does not provide letters of recommendation to students, however, due to the nature of the internship program, we encourage students to earn and request one from their mentor directly.  We’ve found that almost all our mentors have willingly provided recommendation letters to deserving interns in the past.



Three Weeks June 28 – July 18, 2015
Three Weeks July 19 - August 8, 2015



3  weeks 
Residential $5,625 

Nonrefundable Application Fee: $150





1.     Apply – Submit the application requirements and choose your industry preferences.
2.     Phone Interview – Your Personal Internship Advisor will schedule a phone interview with you to discuss your interests.
3.     Acceptance Decision – If you get accepted into the program, we’ll provide you with a list of potential companies and discuss the best fit for you.
4.     Internship Placement - We’ll submit your application to potential companies and get you hired!

Admission is on a rolling basis.  We strongly encourage applying as early as possible to secure the internship field of your choice.