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Project Description


The hit movie Moneyball opened audiences’ eyes to the world of sports statistics. The Wharton Moneyball Academy lets you delve deeper into this fascinating realm, showing you how to turn simple data into deep discoveries that defy conventional wisdom. Hosted by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton Sports Business Initiative (WSBI), the Moneyball Academy welcomes talented high school juniors and seniors intrigued by statistics.

Moneyball is taught by Wharton faculty and graduate students. The program covers much of Wharton’s Statistics 101 course as well as many of its advanced level statistical courses. As you learn to read and write code in R (the powerful statistical programming language) and develop your key data analysis skills, you will be primed to be a leader in an increasingly data-driven economy.

Location: University of Pennsylvania
Grades: Rising 11th & 12th
Program Dates: July 7 – July 27
Session Length: 3 Weeks

The application for 2019 has closed.

Residential Tuition: $6,500



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“My son Andrew is graduating high school this June and headed to Penn in the fall…in large part due to the many summers he had with you guys at Penn where he fell in love with the campus!”

Cynthia R., Parent

“My daughter attended one of the Penn programs last summer. I was concerned about her first time away from home and in the city. But, I can tell you she absolutely loved the experience.”

Jodi Solkin H., Parent


  • 8:15am Breakfast

  • 9:00am Morning Class

  • 12:00pm Lunch

  • 1:30pm Guest Speaker

  • 2:45pm Programming and Group Work

  • 4:45pm Afternoon Activities

  • 6:00pm Dinner

  • 7:00pm Evening Activities

  • 10:00pm Curfew


You will learn the “Moneyball” method which focuses on using data to make deep discoveries that are not obvious and certainly go against conventional wisdom. When it comes to sports, you will become a data-driven decision maker. As you learn statistical reasoning as well as key data analysis skills, you will be primed to be a leader in an increasingly data-driven economy.

Moneyball covers much of Wharton’s Statistics 101 course as well as many of its advanced level statistics courses. This program also teaches you how to apply the statistical techniques you learn in AP Statistics. By the end of the course, you will be able to understand how to read and write code in R and do many of the analyses one typically sees in a FiveThirtyEight, Fangraphs, or Hardball Times article. 

Beyond this, the program offers opportunities to network in the industry and throughout the program with other analytically minded people. For anyone who would like to work in sports, these connections can be extremely valuable and help you find jobs or internships while in college. 

This program is ideal for students with a strong background in math and a love of sports. An interest in computer programming is recommended but no specific background is necessary


Mornings will be spent attending classes at the Wharton School. You will be learning from Professor Abraham Wyner and other leading sports business and statistics academics. They are experts at helping to make difficult concepts easier to understand! Afternoons will be spent with guest speakers and learning programming skills from Wharton graduate students.

Previous speakers have included:

  • Rick Peterson – Inspirational Speaker, Leadership Coach, Team Workshops, Author. Longtime Major League Baseball Pitching Coach, Sports Analyst
  • Adam Fisher – MLB, former Director of Baseball Operations for the New York Mets
  • Neil Paine – Sports Data Journalist for FiveThirtyEight.com and host of Hot Takedown sports analytics podcast
  • Sam Mondry-Cohen and Josh Weinstein – Washington Nationals
  • Alec Halaby – Vice President of Football Operations and Strategy for the Philadelphia Eagles

Professor Abraham Wyner is Professor and Chair of the Wharton undergraduate program in Statistics at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. His principle focus at Wharton has been research in Applied Probability, Information Theory and Statistical Learning. Professor Wyner has participated in numerous consulting projects in various businesses, including as one of the earliest consultants for TiVo, Inc, where he helped develop early personalization software. Professor Wyner created some of the first on-line data summarization tools, while acting as CTO for Surfnotes, Inc. His interest in sports statistics has led to a collaboration with ESPN where he was the PI on the ESPN-funded MLB player evaluation research project.

Check out his radio show on Sirius XM.

Watch Professor Wyner’s interview on MLB Now.



The Wharton School is the business school of the University of Pennsylvania, a private Ivy League university located in Philadelphia. Wharton was established in 1881 and was the first business school in the United States. Wharton is widely regarded as one of the world’s top institutions for business education and, currently, U.S. News & World Report ranks Wharton’s undergraduate program #1.


A historic Ivy League university. Located in the heart of Philadelphia. During the summer, the UPenn campus is filled with high school students, undergraduates, graduate students and professors; giving you the real collegiate experience.

International Experience. About 40% of students come from around the world to join us each summer. Every year we hear how much students enjoy meeting people from all over the country and the world and how it opened their eyes to different parts of the globe.

Trips & Activities. There is always something to do when class is over: movies, tours, events, going to the gym and more. Campus is surrounded by dozens of shops and restaurants that are fun to explore with friends. Trips are offered every Saturday to regional destinations of your choice. And Sundays are for exploring the Philadelphia region.



 July 7 – July 27

  • Rooming
  • On-campus meals
  • Afternoon and evening activities
  • Academic instruction
  • Guest appearances
  • Course materials

  • Non-refundable application fee: $95
  • Early arrival student package: $250
  • Optional services such as linen and airport transportation
  • Meals during weekend trips and off-campus weekday dinners

Students arrive on Sunday, July 7, and depart campus on Saturday, July 27.

For more information about the one-week Moneyball Academy: Training Camp, click here.

In order to complete an application for admission, students are required to submit the following:

  • Basic application information using our registration form
  • Application fee ($75, paid via credit card, this fee is nonrefundable)
  • Essay (required, Topic: “In 300-400 words, please explain what inspires your interest in Sports Analytics and Statistics. How will you use that inspiration to make the most of your experience at Wharton Moneyball?”)
  • School information (name, address, phone, type, guidance counselor information, GPA, class rank, etc.)
  • Academic transcript including Fall grades (required, we accept unofficial and official transcripts)
  • School profile (required unless unavailable)
  • Letters of recommendation (we require two letters, the first must be written by a mathematics or computer science instructor, and the second may be written by a current or recent teacher, school administrator, employer or mentor, or director of extracurricular activities)
  • Standardized test scores (optional, but recommended)
  • International students who do not receive academic instruction in English will be required to show competency in English. In order of our preference, the student may submit TOEFL, IELTS, ACT, SAT, or letter of recommendation from English Teacher.
  • Financial aid application (required, if applicable)

Rolling Admissions Timeline:

  • Round 1
    • Completion Date: November 23, 2018 – December 31, 2018
    • Decision Date: January 18, 2019
  • Round 2
    • Completion Date: January 1, 2019 – January 31, 2019
    • Decision Date: February 15, 2019
  • Round 3
    • Completion Date: February 1, 2019 – February 28, 2019
    • Decision Date: March 15, 2019
  • Round 4
    • Completion Date: March 1, 2019 – March 31, 2019
    • Decision Date: April 19, 2019





The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania presents the Wharton Sports Business Academy (WSBA), imparting key insights to rising high school sophomores, juniors and seniors interested in sports business leadership careers.

Location: University of Pennsylvania
Ages: 15 – 18
Grades: 10 – 12
Program Dates: June 23 – July 20
Session Length: 4 Weeks


Invaluable experience in your chosen field before heading to college! You could observe surgery, get in the courtroom, work with a startup and more!

Location: University of Pennsylvania
Ages: 16 – 18
Grades: Rising 11th & 12th
Session One: June 23 – July 13
Session Two: July 14 – August 3
Session Length: 3 Weeks

Wharton Moneyball Academy: Training Camp

Change the way you look at sports and their stats in this one-week program at Wharton broadly introducing students to statistics through a sports lens.

Location: University of Pennsylvania
Grades: Rising 10th – 12th
Program Dates: July 21 – July 27
Session Length: 1 Week