Xploration Residential

Haverford College - Residential Program

Xploration summer enrichment camps offer middle school students expert instruction in the arts, cooking, fashion, sports and many other popular subjects. You’ll choose two classes each week in areas that interest you. Choose one class for the morning and one class for the afternoon. With 20 classes to choose from each week, it’s easy to find a class that is right for you! You’ll have lots of choices, so you can focus on the areas that interest you most, try new things, or do both. Our line-up of programming is constantly evolving to bring you what you want. This is your chance to explore new ideas, skills and experiences, all in a friendly atmosphere.

You’ll be learning in an immensely dynamic, completely hands-on environment. The classes are interactive, the evenings are always filled with something fun and different to do, and the weekend trips let you explore the East Coast and Philadelphia. It’s an experience like no other for kids ages 10 to 13.

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