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Senior Enrichment Community Service Track

Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs

Are you ready to give back? To have a positive influence on a child’s life? To provide a warm meal to someone less fortunate? To brighten up an elderly person’s day with a bit of conversation?

Welcome to Julian Krinsky’s Community Service Track, where compassionate young adults join together to make meaningful contributions to the greater Philadelphia region.

Start Making a Difference!

Our goal is to provide an introduction to community service for teens. The Community Service Track will help students make a start in the world of social action, while stimulating their desire to continue helping others after they return home.

Whether you are passionate about keeping families off the street or interested in touching a child’s life, our daily service projects will expand your understanding of human relations. Previous volunteer experience is not necessary, but compassion, curiosity and a willingness to reach out are a must.

See How the World Lives

The Community Service major combines hands-on experience with need-to-know facts. Each week will begin with an introduction to an issue such as poverty, homelessness, disease or hunger. The program leader and guest speakers from local universities and community non-profit organizations will examine how this affects the local community and the world at large, and familiarize students with the sites they will visit.

Tuesday through Friday, challenge yourself at various locations in and around Philadelphia. Whether you are serving lunch in a soup kitchen, reading to a young child or sharing a smile with a person in need, you will make a positive impact. There will be opportunities to share experiences and assess the effectiveness of your service through dynamic group discussions led by our program leader.

We encourage you to keep a journal in which you can express your thoughts. This journal will help you reflect on the powerful work you complete over the summer, and it will serve as a memento of the valuable experiences and memories you share with your new friends in the program.

Recognize. Commit. Act.

The Community Service major will let you experience the front lines of community activism — children’s shelters and orphanages, soup kitchens, food distribution centers, educational facilities, nonprofit organizations — and today’s most important social issues: poverty, hunger, homelessness, health, advocacy and community.

At the end of the session, students will work together to plan a fundraiser for a local charity of the group’s choosing. It’s your event from start to finish, and its success will depend entirely on your efforts!

Serve. Learn. Believe.

UN Ambassador Angelina Jolie can be seen fighting disease and malnutrition around the world. Her success comes from her deep rooted knowledge of the issues and her ability to inspire world leaders to act.

Julian Krinsky Community Service will help you understand the causes behind many humanitarian issues. Like Angelina, this knowledge may empower you to make a difference.

Throughout the summer, you will learn about yourself and how your field work impacts your real life. You’ll leave the program with a new appreciation for social justice and the leadership skills needed to develop community initiatives of your own.