At JKCP we understand that it’s all the small details of an experience that add up to something great. From the moment you arrive, we make every detail of your summer not only fun, but a unique experience customized just for you! We continually push the limit on student-centered programming. The Krinsky Experience has mastered it all. We get to know you personally and help you feel like you are part of the JKCP family now and long after you leave.


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We listen to our students’ feedback and provide new, updated and cutting-edge classes and programs based on what students want. We are always expanding our course offerings. 


 Fun is oxygen around here. If it’s not fun, we don’t do it! Classes? Fun. Activities? Fun. Doing something completely unexpected? Fun! You get the idea.


We believe that professionals in the field should teach every subject. We have a completely separate staff for residential life. This is what sets JKCP apart and made it a global success.


Our programs let students explore new subjects and make their own schedules. Classes, daily activities and weekend trips offer variety to make your summer completely unique.



JKCP programs are located on both prestigious and beautiful campuses that you will be proud to call home this summer. Plus, you will love exploring the cities that surround them!



From the earliest days, JKCP has tried to inspire students to become citizens of the world and discover how they can give back. As a result, we embrace a consistent mission of caring for our neighbors, the communities where we live and work, and the environment.

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“JKCP is my favorite summer program. After 4 summers I’m still longing to go back and can’t wait to be a counselor. I spent my first summer at the Haverford campus for all seven weeks and loved every moment of it. I took the music class every morning along with trying a new class every afternoon throughout my seven weeks there. I can’t wait to go back!”

Jacqueline B., Student

“Had the best time at my summer program! Great experience with even better people!”

Mick B., Student

“We looked far and wide for a summer program for our 15 yo son who attends Horace Mann in NYC. After evaluating several programs Julian Krinsky was selected- and boy are we glad we chose this incredible program. Our son not only took interesting classes in business, entrepreneurism and culinary arts- he made great contacts with other young adults from around the world- and had FUN. One of the best summers he’s ever had. We are extremely happy clients of Julian Krinsky and are happy to provide a reference.”

Mike L., Parent

“What a great camp for today’s youth, a chance for them to grow strong with good guidance and to find a helping hand in understanding the world they live in today.”

Sandi P., Parent

“An amazing esports program for my student! Another great initiative from JKCP – always a pioneer in language progams. A combination of serious programme content and fun. Thank you!”

Philippa D., Parent

“My children had a wonderful time at their 1st overnight camp experience! They attended for 2 weeks at Haverford College and are excited to return again. The level of communication with the counselors was exceptional and the activities and experiences they created for my children and the youth, attending from all over the world, was impeccable! So thankful, my boys were able to have such a precious, priceless experience and engage with so many people from various countries and cultures.”

Simplicity L., Parent
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A Lot Can Happen Over 40 Summers


Our expert Program Advisors combined have over 174 of years’ experience in the industry. They have been on the campuses and in the classrooms and they are ready to answer all of your questions.