at Xploration Day

Power your Minecraft empire.

Since its introduction into the world of Minecraft, Redstone has changed the way everyone is playing. Redstone is the driving force that makes things work, so join us in this course and learn to master the core principles of Redstone to power your Minecraft empire. If you are playing in survival mode, gathering materials can be the most difficult part of the game, so we’ll show you how to gather Redstone using the most efficient methods possible. Once you possess the Redstone, we will deconstruct the Redstone circuits that travel long distances from a single power source to another Redstone item and reconstruct them in ways to suit your own Minecraft objectives. Donning your electrical engineer hats, you will also study pistons and repeaters and learn how to power everything from doors to elaborate lighting systems. Finally, you will master the Redstone pulse shortener and clock circuits to construct some of the game’s most logically sophisticated, complex machines. In other words, this course is your first step towards total Minecraft domination. We look forward to helping you lay the foundations for your empire this summer.