at Xploration Day

You will love these explosive experiments!

Everyone has questions about the world and environment that surrounds us. Some of these questions, though, just happen to be more interesting than others. Why do volcanoes erupt? How do engineers make a roller coaster feel dangerous but keep it safe to ride? What makes an airplane really fly? Through hands-on science experiments these are just a few of the questions you’ll explore in this course. Whether it is in the field of Aerodynamics or chemistry, we will use the scientific method to form hypotheses and test them on a daily basis. While you’re creating geysers, watching explosions and launching missiles, you’ll be learning about scientific principles in an exciting, new way you can’t experience unless you get out of the classroom. We promise it won’t feel like school, but you’ll still investigate everything from tiny microorganisms to the universe’s most massive energy sources. You won’t be disappointed.