Basketball Summer Camp

at Residential Xploration

Legendary Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight always reminded us that in basketball

“The importance of the mental to the physical is about 4 to 1.” This summer, we will echo the sentiments of this coaching legend and give you a rock-solid foundation in the fundamentals of the game. Our staff of pro players and collegiate and high school coaches will instill these fundamentals through a series of drills, scrimmages and – of course – full court games. You will also study advanced tactics and develop offensive strategies which will help your team penetrate many different types of defenses. Additionally, you will leave with a customized training and conditioning regimen to help you improve the “physical” aspect of your game. Finally, you will have the opportunity work with your team and show off your new skills in a weekly tournament every Friday. Basketball season is just around the corner, so start training to make the team this summer. Your school’s coach will notice the difference.