Creative Writing Workshop Class

at Residential Xploration

Take your writing to the next level.

Since the dawn of the human race, we have been telling each other stories. In the beginning, we used simple pictures on cave walls. A little bit later, we began telling stories around the communal campfire. Today, we have many more options to tell our stories, but the written word remains one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal. This course will help you sharpen that tool. Whether we’re writing short stories, composing poems or working in longer forms like the novel, good writing will be the key to your future success. This week-long course will explore a number of different genres and explore some of modern authors’ most innovative approaches to fiction. Take a stab at writing six word memoirs, penning fictional biographies or working in eFiction. No matter the medium, we will definitely take your writing to the next level. So, join us this summer and develop a skill that will serve you for the rest of your life.