DJ Class

at Residential Xploration

Are you always in charge of the music for a party?

Do your friends constantly consult you on how to improve their playlists? Been messing around with programs like Abelton, Traktor Pro and Garage Band but need a little guidance on how to take your skills to the next level?  If so, we got the course for you. At this weeklong intensive course, you will learn the principles of “turntablism:” scratching, chirping, stabbing, beat matching, flaring, looping and drumming. If none of these terms mean anything to you, don’t worry. We’ll have you using the mixer to manipulate the music and mashup songs in no time at all. Along the way, you will also learn about the importance of tempo, song structure and beat-juggling. Finally, you will look at the famous DJs that have both defined and redefined this art form and pick your own DJ name. All this will lead up to a final Friday performance where you will “get the party started” for our weekly Friday ceremonies.