Public Speaking & Improv Class

at Residential Xploration

There are three types of speeches in the world: the one you practice, the one you give and the one you wish you gave.

We designed this course to help you give a speech as close as possible to the third option. Whether you are prepping for a speech at school or just want to learn how to better debate with your parents about curfew, this course will help you make your point. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to being a good public speaker; it is all about preparation and practice. In fact, Mark Twain reminds us “it usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.” The aim of this course is to help you with the planning and organization of your speeches. You’ll learn to read your audience, think on your feet, and use creativity to persuade. Beginning with basic oratory skills like pacing, articulation and body language, we will help you deliver speeches clearly, concisely and persuasively. You can prepare a speech interesting to you, anchor the JKCP news or practice your debating skills with the residential director. Being a strong public speaker is important. It isn’t up for debate.